My Dance Parade Performance with bacKspace!

Brace yourself for the fierceness in these photos. I warned you.

JC Cassis with bacKspace at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen
JC Cassis with Charmin Ulltra of bacKspace at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen
JC Cassis with bacKspace at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen
JC Cassis with bacKspace at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen
JC Cassis with bacKspace at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen
Krystal Something-Something at the 2010 Dance Parade. Photo credit: Cyz Chen

So every once in a while I have a moment in my life that is just too good to believe. That moment was performing with bacKspace at the Dance Parade this past Saturday. Allow me to explain:

I love bacKspace. Love who they are, love what they do, love how they do it. If you don’t know about them, read about them now. I needed backup dancers for the Dance Parade show, and I needed them fast. I emailed Krystal Something-Something (one of my fave stage names ever) to ask if they’d dance with me for this show and she said yes. We scheduled four rehearsals over two weeks which were super fun and full o’ laughs and fierceness. Now, Krystal Something-Something, Charmin Ulltra and I all look VERY different out of costume than we do in costume, so even though we were doing the dance for real in rehearsal, it was a whole different animal when we did it on stage. One of my proudest moments thus far was when, at the dress rehearsal, I changed into most of my stage outfit from my rehearsal clothes, and Krystal smiled and said quietly but approvingly, “You look like a superhero.” Now in case you don’t know, both Krystal and Charmin are total geniuses when it comes to looking amazing, so that meant quite a lot to me.

Anyway, the experience of doing the show was awesome from start to finish. First, I came a runnin’ down East 10th street to find my two beautiful drag queens stretching and looking amazing, then we walked across the street to Tompkins Square Park, where the stage was, to see that there was an ENORMOUS crowd watching the stage. As soon as we got into the park, everyone was asking to take our picture. We felt like rock stars. So we took a bunch of pictures, then we warmed up in the backstage area, then before we knew it, it was time to go on. We took the stage and gave it all we had and it went amazingly well. People were freaking out over it. The host was like “Oh my god, that was so amazing, I think I just had some anal leakage,” after which I promptly pretended to faint at the outrageousness of that. What was funny about that besides the obvious was that I had mentioned to bacKspace that we shouldn’t be foul or vulgar on stage in any way because it’s a family event and I wanted to be invited back, but we ended up doing such a fierce job that the host had to talk about “anal leakage” anyway. HA HA HA. Anyway then as soon as we came off stage, there were like 4 pro photographers taking our picture at once who were all like “Over here, please! Over here!” like paparazzi! Then a lot of the people who saw the show ran over to the table to sign my mailing list and they all wanted autographed CD’s. I felt like a total rock star. So awesome! Can’t wait to do more shows with bacKspace cuz that’s how my shows are all meant to be! I’ll post video of it soon!

To see LOTS more incredible photographs of this performance, friend me on facebook!


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